Dr Pete Kellock
Founder, Muvee Technologies & Zyklus

Dr Pete Kellock is a specialist in digital media: technologist, inventor, entrepreneur and composer/audiovisual artist. Under his leadership as co-founder and CEO, Singapore-based muvee Technologies created a new category of consumer media product – automatic video editing software – which has to date shipped hundreds of millions of copies worldwide. He built muvee from first concept to a profitable multinational venture with S$13m in revenue in its fifth year.

Previously Pete was a researcher in Kent Ridge Digital Labs, a course manager in the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS), and a founder/director of Zyklus, a ground-breaking music technology company in the UK. He has 20 granted patents worldwide and holds a PhD in electronic music plus undergraduate degrees in Physics/Maths/Computer-Science and Music from the Universities of Aberdeen and St Andrews (UK). In 2013 he was awarded the Outstanding Innovator Award by NUS.

Currently he is engaged in a number of part-time roles including mentoring student entrepreneurs in NUS and SMU and a number of advisory roles. In between he writes strange electronic music and indulges his passion for travel to remote places.