BeLive rolls out live trivia gameshow that allows users to win up to S$600 by answering just 10 questions correctly!

Mediapreneur startup BeLive, a livestreaming company hosted its very first live trivia gameshow – Smash n' Cash, on Mediacorp Campus for a week in February 2018.

All of Mediacorp's 2,800 staff were invited to take part in this live-streaming gameshow to win a handsome sum of S$300 daily.

BeLive's platform has only a lag time of 2 seconds, which is less than half of Facebook Live’s lag! This smaller lag allows them to run time-sensitive livestreaming contests, which would be problematic on platforms like Facebook.

During this campaign, we saw groups of colleagues huddled together as they attempt to score all 10 questions right to win the cash prize. There were shouts of "oohs" and "ahhs" and "aiyah" when the live contest was happening. On the last day, the prize money went up to S$600! A timely 'ang-pow' for the winner during the Chinese New Year season!


With the success in its first live trivia gameshow in February, BeLive has started to roll out daily live trivia gameshow at 1pm and 9pm (for weekdays) and 9pm (for weekends) since 14 March. It has been renamed as “Master Brain” and this is how you can win up to S$600 a day!


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For the Mediapreneur program, we journey with our startups and find ways for them to pilot-test, experiment and gain exposure through various platforms on Mediacorp. BeLive benefitted enormously from the program, reaching a following of more than 200,000 registered users now! Become a Mediapreneur startup to enjoy these benefits! Apply now!

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