[adit] - Allows media planners and advertisers to plan and reserve hyper-localized media spaces for hyper-targeted advertisements.

[adit] was started because its founder Will, believed that advertising should consistently delight, and connect brands with their intended audiences.


Will, the founder of [adit]

Over the past few years, as the CEO and founder of media agency, That Marketing Guy, Will noticed that marketers seem to have run out of fresh spaces to advertise on. Media plans are all starting to look the same... He knew that was not something surprising, given how it takes a village to procure new media spaces. Unfortunately, it means that marketers end up focusing more on getting the lowest prices for media spaces, rather than utilising their budgets more creatively for strategic, tactical buys.

With that, [adit] was born. Will hopes to inspire a new generation of marketers by giving them a tool to rethinking advertising.

What does [adit] do?

If Airbnb is a platform which allows homeowners to rent out their homes for a secondary stream of revenue; and holidaymakers to rent unique spaces for their next getaway, then [adit] can be said to be the Airbnb for advertising spaces. [adit] sources for and connects new and existing media space owners with advertisers who are looking for new ways of reaching out to their target audience. Just as you have not thought of staying in a stranger’s perfectly #instaworthy home, [adit] hopes that their selection of spaces located within tertiary institutions, public libraries, cafes and bars — just to name a few — will equally delight marketers looking for unique advertising spaces.


Screenshot of the [adit] platform

How are we doing?

Currently, the [adit] platform is in the final phase of development. The advertising inventory and booking modules are completed, and undergoing User Acceptance Testing. The [adit] platform is expected to go live this month, after which add-on functions such as a chat module will be launched by end-May. Nevertheless, despite the platform not being ready, we have been working with marketers from media agencies to provide them with selections of curated advertising spaces tailored to their needs. In fact, [adit] already has a turnover of S$200,000 in the first quarter of 2017. Once the platform is ready, we expect the turnover to increase exponentially, as all processes will be automated.


National Youth Council was able to reach out to their target audience by placing an advertisement through [adit] in a study space

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