Batch 4 kicks-off!

Mediapreneur batch 4 kicks-off with a varied lineup of fascinating startups!


Here’s the list of startups:

  • Cafebond – E-commerce platform with O2O retail for freshly roasted specialty coffee beans from some of the best boutique roasters in the business.
  • Freelor – Instant cashback and rewards for purchases both online & in-store.
  • – Holographic experiences with mixed reality content that greatly increase student engagement and reinforce learning outcomes.
  • Sticheo – Technology that turns suitable spaces within videos into natural advertising real estate for digital product placements.
  • TellM3 – Smart hotel keycard using IoT technology that enables a whole new range of possible services for the hotel guest.
  • Wika Media – Access to real-time dubbed tracks in popular languages on demand using the mobile phone.

We are excited to start the incubation process with them! Watch this space as we report on how they grow and partner with Mediacorp in the coming year!

For those who missed the opportunity to respond to our formal call, don’t worry. We are still considering applications to the Mediapreneur! Apply now!

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