Did you know you can sing karaoke inside one of these 'Eggs'?

SPOP Sing! egg capsules!

SPOP Sing! is the hottest singing competition in the search for Singapore’s next Mandopop star!

This is an initiative to showcase local music compositions and discover the next voice to put Singapore on the Mandopop map. Sing! China winners - Nathan Hartono and Joanna Dong have been appointed as SPOP Sing! ambassadors, together with local singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu, to support and share singing techniques with the SPOP Sing! contestants.


Contestants queuing to enter the egg for auditions

Interestingly, an egg-shaped capsule was chosen to hold the auditions. These eggs are not just creative art pieces, but are the actual audition "studios"! Contestants have to enter these "Eggs" to perform a Singapore composition for the audition.

Not an easy engineering feat. These eggs were designed and constructed by Mediacorp’s Production Resource team. It was a great challenge installing the sound and camera recording system, the air-conditioning, lights and electrical cabling neatly within the small capsule. Thankfully, the karaoke streaming device Popsical, was small, nifty and ideal for the job! Certainly a delightful showcase of how Mediapreneur startups work with Mediacorp’s business units in creative ways!


Popsical supporting SPOP Sing! for their auditions

Follow the journeys of these hopeful contestants on Toggle! We wish them all the best!


The hosts (Nathan Hartono and Lee Teng) with the hopeful contestants

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