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Influencer marketing is on the rise as the fastest growing Digital Marketing channel. Yet the landscape continues to have many challenges, with many influencers found to have purchased fake followers and claimed fake engagement. Brands themselves have started to realise the importance of selecting the correct influencer to work with and this is where Popular Chips comes in.


What does Popular Chips do?

Popular Chips is a worldwide AI-driven influencer marketing and analytics platform. It monitors all influencers in the world and provides detailed demographic and performance data, fake follower recognition and full campaign reporting.

Founded by two Italian millennials – Sabrina Stefani (CEO) and Andrea Olivato (COO), Popular Chips actually started as an agency creating creative campaigns for clients using social media. But the two founders quickly realized that the influencer marketing scene lacks objective metrics, essential information and transparency needed for real success. “Why not create an all-in-one software that is able to monitor everything a marketing manager might need when dealing with influencers and celebrities in the social media landscape?”, they thought and that was how Popular Chips was born.

The journey so far…

Since August 2016, Popular Chips has managed to acquire a credible list of top global brands as clients, including L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, Adidas, Reebok, Huawei, Swarovski and Bulgari.


The Popular Chips team!

What is the future for Popular Chips?

Popular Chips has already developed a full suite of data for any brand’s influencer marketing needs so their next goal is to provide CRM software for their clients that is easy to navigate and use!

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