BeLive launched in Vietnam; surprising users with livestream from football star, Michael Owen!

BeLive, Asia’s premium livestreaming platform, has released their app officially for the Vietnamese App Store just in August!

Unlike other livestreaming apps (like Bigolive), BeLive’s unique proposition is its clean, trustworthy reputation. Hence, BeLive is able to attract top influencers to livestream on their platform. In collaboration with their first corporate sponsor in Vietnam, Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), they brought onboard four of Vietnam’s top influencers to host their live show – Master Brain. Master Brain is BeLive’s successful live quiz show that gives cash prizes to participants who could answer ten questions correctly within ten seconds per question.

Football fans were pleasantly surprised when former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United star Michael Owen livestreamed and hosted Master Brain together with social media influencer, Ngoc Thao, who has more than 2.9 million Facebook followers.


The two stars – Ngoc Thao and Michael Owen hosting Master Brain Vietnam!

On their expansion to Vietnam, Kenneth Tan, CEO of BeLive remarked, "We are just getting started in Vietnam! We have proven that our initial landing strategy is efficient – now we will focus on ramping up the user growth trajectory!"


BeLive’s team with Ngoc Thao (a top social media influencer in Vietnam) and football star, Michael Owen.

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