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What does do? creates and deploys Mixed Reality (MR) learning experiences to schools and educational institutions with our Pop-Up Edu MRx app packages and platform.


Students trying out's hololens for a mixed reality, immersive classroom experience.

We want to empower educators with effective game-based learning pedagogy by transforming their lesson space with immersive and collaborative experiential learning to captivate their students.

Our solution centers on content quality and deployment accessibility. We work with educators to co-develop content that aligns curriculum and achieved learning outcomes while our Pop-Up Edu MRx package makes it easy and accessible for schools to run our MR content with minimal hardware investment.

How did it start?

Student engagement, especially in STEM, is a continuous challenge for educators. These educators are also constantly looking for better and more effective ways to teach or illustrate complex or abstract STEM concepts. Beyond textbooks, education systems seek to incorporate holistic student learning and development that include competencies such as collaboration skills, design thinking as well as digital readiness and exposure.

MR technology, especially AR Head Mounted Devices (HMD) has made great strides over the last couple of years with the launch of the HoloLens establishing MR’s capability benchmark.

The confluence of these factors led us to recognize the immense potential that MR offers to educators. We completed a couple of initial technology evaluation projects with some colleges in Houston and went on the road showcasing and talking to schools. The encouraging responses led to the starting up of

Blog’s team testing out a mixed reality module that they have created

Market and opportunities in MR

Education technology spend is expected to top USD 250 billion by 2020 globally. Asia alone will have over 600 million K-12 students by then. Education technology spend will continue to grow, with Asia (and particularly Singapore) touted as the leaders in this next frontier.

Game-based and online learning platforms and content will form a big part of that spend as schools adopt more experiential and creative methods of education to prepare students for a digitally connected world.

In terms of the breadth of education applications, MR use cases extend beyond academia to industrial and organizational training and adult skills development.


Students trying out's hololens for a holographic classroom experience

The Journey so far

After months of market validation, we are now ready to begin revenue service in Singapore starting Jan 2019 and in Houston in Spring 2019. Our co-development projects with the first two Singapore schools will form part of our launch app titles with follow on content spawning from co-development projects with schools in the pipeline.

Our partnership with IMDA on the Lab on Wheels program is helping seed awareness of the technology in the schools. We have started collaborating with Marshall Cavendish Education, a major publisher of school textbooks in Singapore, in further evaluating the technology.

Beyond app content, we are developing additional capability in the delivery of educational MR titles to give educators better insights and assessment of student’s performance while in-app. There’s so much to do - we can’t wait!


The team at, based in both Singapore and Houston

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