Make your gifts unique and special – Personalise with Comish!

The Comish creators at the Mediacorp event (from left: Marianne, Naomi from Nahohmee, Nicole from thefloraltease, Leanne (CEO of Comish), Benjamin from Todah and Francis (Mediapreneur mentor)

The season of gifting is upon us again - but where can we find the perfect gift for our loved ones? Well – you can try Comish!

Co-founder and CEO Leanne Robers spoke to a captivated audience of over 70 Mediacorp staff who attended a Mediapreneur lunch talk on customized gifting from Comish, a Mediapreneur startup. Comish, a platform for bespoke gifts offers the opportunity for users to access over 200 (and growing) talented artists from South East Asia to create the gift with that special touch, that is friendly to the wallet. Like a painting of your collie in Andy Warhol style, a Christmas wreath for your front door, bespoke leather belts with embossed names or fine ceramics with the design you like.


Comish artist Marianne Piesinger described the commissioning process she went through and showed some of the eventual works she delivered her delighted clients. Although trained as a dentist, she is an artist at heart and likened painting to performing a delicate root canal procedure!

Overall, it was a fun-time for those who attended. Many stayed on to speak with the creators present with quite a few making orders for their Christmas gifts to take advantage of the free delivery offered by Comish. So, no more excuses for giving another silk tie to dad or Godiva chocolates for Uncle Charlie!

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