Popular Chips offers feature to detect Follow/Unfollow actions

This allows clients to see the influencers’ true follower base


Follow/Unfollow Detection

"Is their audience engaged?" This is the deciding question brands ask before hiring influencers for their e-marketing campaigns. An engaged audience means more likes, views and comments for the brand. If an influencer has gained followers through inorganic methods, it is highly likely that her audience is not engaged and not truly interested in her content. To address this, Popular Chips recently introduced a Follow/Unfollow Detection feature, which greatly enhances the platform’s fraud detection capability.

Some Instagrammers use bots or third party services to follow/unfollow up to thousands of people each day in the hope that their accounts will be noticed and be followed back – a quick but dubious method to gain followers inorganically. Popular Chips implemented this feature after customers expressed their desire to be certain if the influencers they hire have genuine followers.


Example of suspicious follow/unfollow activity

AI-Powered Fake Follower Detection

Popular Chips has also strengthened its solution for one of the biggest problems in the influencer marketing industry today—fake followers. Fake followers were easy to spot in the beginning – accounts with no profile picture and randomized usernames were a giveaway but they are becoming much more convincing today. Popular Chips has now enhanced its fraud detection with AI, incorporating self-learning capabilities. This ensures that clients do not hire an influencer with false inflated numbers.

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