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Spending time together as a family is a fun event to look forward to, but too often, we run out of ideas of where to go or what to do with our little ones.

"Daddy, what do we do now?"

"Mummy, where can we go today?"

"Where? Where? Where?"

"I want to go NOW! NOW! NOW!"


Familiar exchange at home?

That was the impetus that led Jiarong to start BYKidO, a platform to help parents discover suitable activities and classes to bring their kids to. Through BYKidO, he hopes to reduce the shouting and motivate parents to create more family moments together.

What does BYKidO do?

BYKidO is an online platform that gives parents abundant ideas about where to bring their kids out. As a parent of young children himself, Jiarong understands that parents in Singapore lead hectic and stressful work lives and often have limited time and few ideas for family outings. BYKidO seeks to address this pain point with its wide range of offerings, making it easier for families to enjoy their time together and create happy memories.

  • By purchasing the BYKidO Pass, parents enjoy deals and discounts for over a hundred activities and classes for the family.
  • By checking out our Ideas, parents get to know the latest events and places to bring their kids out to.
  • By attending our Activities, parents get to meet other new parents and exchange ideas and experiences.

The BYKidO App will be launched in 2018. It will be a location based, time based app aimed at giving parents comprehensive details of events and activities happening around them and motivating them to spend more time on family activities.

What have we done so far?

BYKidO Visits T32 Dental Centre

In December, BYKidO will be organising our 2nd Dental Visit to T32 Dental Centre. Organised in collaboration with T32, this parent-child event aims to help children understand what happens during a dental visit and dispel their fear of going to the dentist.


Children and their parents will get to enjoy an interactive show, take photos with the T32 mascot, and try out the dental room’s equipment and dental chair. There’s also a free dental assessment for everyone! Sounds like a fun and educational morning at the dentist to look forward to!

BYKidO’s December Holiday Guide


Our 1st December Holiday Guide is now available to help families plan their family outings. The guide is filled with activities and events for parents and kids to enjoy throughout the December holiday season.

The guide is available for free download and includes information on hidden outdoor playgrounds, the must-go indoor playgrounds as well as discounts for local attractions! Sign up to be on our mailing list and download the guide here.

Why do we do what we do?

Because as parents, we understand that our kids really grow up too fast. We want to help you (and ourselves) to spend more happy family time together and create wonderful BYKidO memories!

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