Our Start-ups

Mediacorp, through Mediapreneur, has invested in the following start-ups.

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A platform that allows media planners and advertisers to plan and reserve hyper-localized media spaces for the implantation of hyper-targeted advertisements.
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Watch and broadcast live video with BeLive. This is your stage, your audience: the world!
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The go - to platform for parents to discover kids activities and classes. Create your BYKidO memories with Ideas, Promotions and Activities to Bring Your Kid Out.
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Asia's largest specialty coffee beans e-commerce marketplace. We curate and deliver everything you need to #TasteBetterCoffee.
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Comish is a curated marketplace dedicated to connecting buyers and creators from around the world to create custom artwork, personalised products and the perfect gifts.
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Online activity booking platform for people passionate about traveling in Asia.
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A unique Cashback, Shopping & Rewards app where users can earn instant cashback online & directly in-stores and withdraw as real cash savings!
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Infini Videos
A fast and inexpensive method for video professionals to edit and publish interactive videos online.
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Popsical is building a Karaoke system that streams Karaoke right to your TV
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Popular Chips
Discover & compare any social media influencer with Popular Chips Search Engine & Analytics solution
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Connecting talents in Asia through creative videos and talent discovery


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Serl.io is transforming learning environments with collaborative 3D Mixed Reality experiences to improve engagement of this digital generation of learners.
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Next generation non-interruptive video advertising using programmatic augmented reality product placement technology.
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With e-Concierge services, Smart Customer Feedback and Smart Building capabilities, enhance your customer experience with the stunningly “sexy” TellM3, The Key (Card) to Everything.
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Singapore-based studio that creates Virtual Reality content, 360 commercials and VR documentary videos as well as provide 360 live broadcasting services.
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VOCQ Technologies
VOCQ developed AI-powered Customer Experience Management (CEM) software to automate the process of collecting, analyzing and managing customer feedback. VCOQ focuses on helping our clients improve customer satisfaction & loyalty.
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Wika Media
Enjoy foreign movies and TV shows in your own language!
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